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Product Details

SoftCarpet trade show flooring is an excellent way to set your trade show booth apart from surrounding spaces. SoftCarpet offers a perfect combination of durability and comfort for your trade show environment. Using commercial grade carpet bonded to high quality EVA foam rubber, your flooring system will be lightweight, portable, waterproof, soundproof, shock absorbent, fire retardant, and insulating.  These tiles are manufactured with recycled materials; they are recyclable, sustainable and eco-friendly. 


• Carpet is 5/8" thick (Approximately 50% foam and 50% carpet)

• Each tile is 2ft x 2ft

• Choose quantity 1 for a 10 x 10 section, Choose quantity 2 for a 10 x 20 section, Choose quantity 4 for a 20 x 20 section

• 25 tiles make one 10 x 10 space

• Each tile comes with 2 edge pieces

• Each 10 x 10 is 42 lbs

Options and Upgrades

• Since each tile comes with 2 edge pieces, reconfiguring is easy and you will have plenty of edge pieces to go all the way around any smaller configuration.   To create a larger size, two 10 x 10 sections can create a 10 x 20 section, or four sections create a 20 x 20, and so on.  For flooring sizes not divisible by the 10 x 10 sections or to order additional or replacement tiles, please call.

Shipping Cases

• Soft Case with wheels is 50" x 26" x 8" and weighs 8 lbs

Set-up Time
Less than one hour
Ships in 2 business days

• 26"w x 26"h x 16"d

• 44 lbs

• Ships from Arizona

Premium Soft Carpet in Dark Grey


Premium Soft Carpet in Dark Grey
Premium Soft Carpet in Dark Grey
Our Price: