Alternatives to Banner Stand Walls

Alternatives to Banner Stand Walls

A retractable banner stand wall is a great beginner solution for a trade show display. The banner stands themselves have many positive attributes such as its lightweight, portable, and sets up quickly. The price point for banner stands is relatively low and thus its an affordable display to get started.

There are some drawbacks. For example, the banner material in which the graphic is printed on can wear on the edges as the banner is withdrawn and retracted into the base. Depending on how frequently you exhibit or how frequently you have to open and close the banner, the edges can fray if you're not careful or are excessively fast. Banner stands are  weighted in the base to remain vertical. However, they can be knocked over or if knocked into could cause damage fairly easily.

Waveline 8ft Curved Tension Fabric Display
Waveline 8ft Curved Display

There are some other display products that may be more attractive to trade show exhibitors instead of purchasing a retractable banner stand. For example, tension fabric displays such as a standard Waveline backwall are an excellent alternative to retractable banner stand walls for a variety of reasons including:

  1. Larger graphic area allows for larger messaging
  2. Tension fabric graphics are machine washable
  3. Aluminum frame provides added stability
  4. The frame is also more substantial and durable
  5. The fabric graphic is wrinkle-free
  6. Tension fabric can be printed double-sided
  7. Packs down into one bag versus several for multiple banners

Tension fabric banner stands are also a simple solution replacing a standard retractable banner stand. They are the same height and width as their retractable counterparts with the same advantages as the full-size backwall displays.

October 4, 2018
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