Creating Booths That Scale Up or Down

Creating Booths That Scale Up or Down

If your trade show marketing plan is like many businesses, you know the importance of having a variety of booth size options for your trade show and event outreach. 

Some events are naturally more important than others, and your team will invest more heavily at those events with a larger space. Perhaps you like to maintain a small presence at some shows for brand awareness, and commit a larger presence at other shows for product demonstrations.  

Having one trade show display system that is versatile in a variety of sizes and configurations is a great way to use your money wisely and to maintain a cohesive brand. It also allows your team to keep the display fresh by mixing up the components and the layout.

Waveline Media 20 x 20 trade show display systems are one of many that provide opportunities based on the scale or configuration of your booth.

Waveline Media 2020.05 Tension Fabric Exhibit - front
front view of the Waveline Media 2020.05

This example is the Waveline Media 2020.05 and is a combination of freestanding panels, counters, hanging sign, and ipad stands. Because each item is stand alone, they can be moved around easily and can be combined into a variety of configurations based on your event needs.

Each of the five freestanding panels are printed front and back, so can attract the eye from every angle. The large serpentine panel provides depth when used as a backdrop in a 10x20 space or as a centerpiece in a 20x20 space.

Waveline Media 2020.05 Tension Fabric Exhibit - side
sideview of the Waveline Media 2020.05

The lower profile panels in the center of the booth are tabletop panels used creatively to separate a small meeting space in the center while also providing some privacy at the tablet kiosks from touchscreen demonstrations or sign-ups. Those panels (or one panel) could be repurposed into a 10x10 space. They could be used on a table or not depending on the situation.

Waveline Media 2020.05 Tension Fabric Exhibit - top view
overhead view of Waveline Media 2020.05

The tall & narrow freestanding panels can be used in a variety of booth sizes as both accents or to create height as a backdrop. When paired with the shorter curved panels, they complement one another creating interest, while drawing the eye through the booth space.

Purchasing a scaleable 20x20 display provides the most efficient way to mix and match based on your booth configuration. With the variety of panels and components, multiple teams could show on the same day or can combine resources to fill an inline, peninsula or island configuration in an assortment of setups to keep your company looking fresh.

July 6, 2018
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