How to Create a Professional Trade Show Display with a Small Budget

How to Create a Professional Trade Show Display with a Small Budget

Whether you own a fledgling startup, work for a non-profit, or are leading an upstart marketing department, many of us have had the experience of making a large impact at a trade show with a small budget. Perhaps you've been advocating for your company to begin exhibiting at business expos, industry conventions, special recruitment events, or trade shows. You finally get the green light, but are provided a limited budget

After registering for the event, paying the application fee, booth fee, wifi connection, lighting and electricity, and making staffing arrangements, you don't have a lot left in your small budget for your display. Suddenly, you need an alternative display option in lieu of your dream idea.

Don't fret. There are many options that will be professional without breaking the bank. And remember, a trade show display is not a one-time use marketing item. It is an investment in your company that if used in combination with strong sales or recruitment efforts will have a return of new clients and returning business over many months and years.

Banner Stand Wall is a versatile choice for trade show displays with a small budget
Banner Stand Walls are a versatile choice for trade show displays with a small budget

Banner Stand Wall - $595

This versatile trade show display option includes three retractable banner stands that when used together create a backdrop for your trade show booth. The advantage to this cost-effective choice is you can re-arrange the order of the banners, modify the layout of your booth, or split up the individual banners so other staff members can use them at simultaneous events. Because of the nature of banner stands, they setup and breakdown quickly, and come with their own storage cases.

Tabletop trade show display for small budgets
3D Snap 2x2 Tabletop Pop-up Display

Tabletop Displays - $495

Many trade shows, conventions, conferences, and expos provide a 6' or 8' table with black drape. Use this to your advantage, and invest in a tabletop display. The bonus is you can use a tabletop display for many more things than just special events. They can add interest at presentations or in your building's lobby. Set brochures out on the tabletop next to the display and stand off to the side. The 3D Snap 2x2 Tabletop Kit has a unique look and creates a visual interest and depth by using the multiple panels to create interest. The panels simply hook onto the frame making it one of the easiest displays to update your graphics.

Tabletop display with branded table cover creates a large impact with a small budget
Tabletop display with branded table cover

Tabletop display with Branded Table Covering - $895

A smart investment with two products: tabletop display with a branded table cover. With this tabletop display kit, you have the advantage of being able to use each item separately as the need arises. To change up the layout, place the branded table on one side of the booth space, and use the event's draped table in the back of the booth with the tabletop display. The display includes an easily replaceable fabric graphic that slides over a lightweight aluminum frame.

10' Curved Display trade show panel for the budget-conscious
This 10' Curved Display is a complete backdrop panel

10' Panel Backdrop - $995

If you're hoping to make a big splash with your small budget, 8' tension fabric panels or 10' tension fabric panels are a great choice. These wrinkle-free fabric graphic displays setup in minutes and are lightweight enough that one person can transport them and set them up. Each display includes a soft padded nylon bag for storage and transport.

Three panel display kit with tv/monitor mount for smaller budgets
Three panel display kit with tv/monitor mount

Multi-media ready Trade Show Display - $1,952

If you're in search of a full package option for your small budget that will have a huge impact, you could research Waveline Media trade show display kits. This particular kit includes three tension fabric panels with lights, tv/monitor mount, and a shipping case that doubles as a small counter.

Choose the display that's right for your needs

At the end of the day, your next trade show display needs to help you attain your goals at your next event. A modest investment today can help secure brand awareness, student recruitment, charitable support or sales growth in your company.

April 11, 2018
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