What Go-To Accessories Should I Get For My Trade Show Booth? 

What Go-To Accessories Should I Get For My Trade Show Booth? 

Are you trying to attract as much attention as possible to your trade show booth? Trade show booth accessories have the power to transform a good exhibit into a magnificent one.

Trade show accessories are the perfect way to enhance your display and differentiate yourself from rival exhibitors.

A successful trade show booth cuts through the noise and contains the ideal quantity of text and images that represent the brand. When it comes to first impressions, you only have one chance, and employing trade show booth accessories can enhance the visual appeal of your exhibit.

Here is a list of the top trade show booth supplies and accessories to get you started on the road to a successful event.


Every successful trade show booth needs comfortable flooring. Trade show flooring gives every presentation a polished, tidy appearance and is a portable solution for traveling events. Since attendees at trade show events must spend a lot of time on their feet and in a standing position, comfortable flooring will draw more people to your booth.

Soft Wood flooring in 20x20 trade show booth

It is crucial to pick flooring that is both affordable and complements your booth design to convey the message you want to send to potential customers. With MODdisplays, you can pick which flooring option you would like to see in the free 3D rendering provided with every order. 

To improve your trade show booth, you can choose from Luxury Soft Carpet, Soft Wood, and Premium Vinyl Flooring at MODdisplays. These solutions can both visually enhance your show while fostering a welcoming and engaging booth experience. Our flooring options are comfortable, lightweight, visually appealing, and simple to assemble. 


Counters are key to a versatile trade show booth display as they provide a workspace, storage, and additional branding. 

backlit coutners in trade show booth
Backlight counters in 10x20 trade show booth

Backlit branded counters have really seen a boost in popularity in the past several years. These counters still offer the same table space but they also create a visually impactful focal point that can’t be ignored. 

Backlit Counter Rendering
Casonara 360 Backlit Counter using over 90 LED Lights

Counters can be used as a reception area and information booth to greet guests and give them all the information they require.

The height and thickness of a counter can help distinguish your exhibit from the competition and add to the general appearance and feel of your trade show booth.

If you’re looking for affordable, elegant, and sophisticated trade show booth counters, look no further than MODdisplays. Every system may be customized to meet your unique needs and set up without the need for tools in a matter of minutes.

Media Stands 

A media stand is one the most popular trade show booth accessories used by companies of all sizes. Media stands allow you to make the most of your area and add eye-catching movement. 

Hidden monitor stands
Hidden Monitor Mounts (gives the appearance of a floating monitor)

With a display monitor, you can display a video loop, a product demonstration, or showcase products that may not fit naturally in your booth space. 

Tablet and iPad stands make it easy to gather contact information or preview a catalog of products or services. A Kiosk stand allows you to add a monitor, shelf space, and graphics to your exhibit in a unique and professional way.

Branded Kiosks trade show booth
Branded Kiosks and Back Wall Monitor Mount in 10x20 trade show booth

MODdisplays provides all different kinds of media stands as a creative and cost-effective approach to draw customers to your business.


Lights can be an effective trade show booth accessory by highlighting your branding and providing a specific mood to your exhibit.. Lighting on a trade show booth can:

  • Attract attention: No matter the event, when you exhibit at a show, you’re fighting for visitors’ attention, and lighting is a great way to stand out. 
  • Elevate the environment: Lighting can enhance the ambiance of your exhibit and positively reflect your brand. It can help guests feel more relaxed and keep them more engaged. 
  • Highlight key elements: Lighting can be used to emphasize important offerings and messages.

Lights being used in trade show booth
Lights being used to improve the ambiance and highlight the branding

MODdisplays offers a variety of cost-effective lighting options to illuminate your trade show booth, including spotlights, floodlights, and exhibit-specific lighting.

Literature Stands

Save your valuable table space and display your brochures or other printed materials on sturdy, portable literature stands. This trade show accessory is the ideal method to quickly and practically store valuable information sheets. 

Literature Stand in trade show booth
Literature Stand in a 20x20 trade show booth

MODdisplays' literature stands have an attractive modern design and are easy to assemble.  We can help you effectively display brochures, posters, and other information to advertise your business in the best way possible.

Shop the Best Trade Show Booth Accessories at MODdisplays

To elevate your trade show exhibit, MODdisplays carries the top accessories for trade show booths. 

MODdisplays provides the vendor booth supplies you require, whether you need to display your product, enhance your booth with lighting, boost your design with flooring, or simply want to make your booth stand out. 

Accessorize your booth today!

February 2, 2023
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