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What Are Some Different Trade Show Display Options?

What Are Some Different Trade Show Display Options?

Depending on whether you're an amateur to trade shows or a seasoned veteran, each person can have a vastly different idea of what a trade show display should include.

A trade show booth can be as simple as a covered table, pipe and drape backwall, two retractable banner stands, and a literature stand. It's simplistic and can fit into even the smallest trade show budgets. A simple trade show booth can be an entry into face-to-face marketing. It provides visibility and a semi-professional space to discuss your business. However, there are limitations such as visibility and brand messaging.

Investing in a full 10x10 trade show display kit opens new avenues for generating leads and improving your ROI at events such as business expos, conferences, industry fairs. Full booth kits add a new layer of professionalism to your company, and boosts your visibility by having more backwall space for creative visuals and messaging. Standard trade show displays for standard 10x10 spaces include:

Example of a 20 x 20 island Display
Example of a 20 x 20 island Display

Moving beyond the standard 10x10 booth space includes reserving island or peninsula display booths typically in 20x20 spaces or larger. However, the sky is the limit. Many trade shows provide much larger spaces, mostly dependent on the businesses desire. The larger spaces provide opportunities for semi-private or private meeting spaces, multi-media kiosks and TV displays, product demonstrations, and interactive setups.

The variety of options for trade show displays are limitless from DIY, amateur, novice, and professional based on your company's budget. Most companies begin with a simplistic and low cost setup then continually improve their investment to scale up to more advanced options.

September 20, 2018
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