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Infinity Pro Backlit 10ft Trade Show Display Kit - 10.04
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Infinity Pro Backlit 10ft Trade Show Display Kit - 10.04

This 10x10 trade show booth features a backlit back wall panel packed in a hard shipping case, two iPad stands and a hard shipping case that converts into a counter. Durable printed fabric covers the entire frame from edge to edge, which keeps the focus on your graphics instead of the display hardware. The lightweight aluminum frame has built-in LED lights to illuminate your graphic, but still packs and ships easily.

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  • 116.3"w x 94.5"h x 19” d
  • Graphic Print: Vibrant, wrinkle-resistant. polyester stretch fabric
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with integrated lights
  • Weight: 47 lbs
  • Hard Shipping Case: 42.6"w x 22.1"h x 15.8"d
  • Case Weight: 30 lbs


Integrated LED Lighting

  • 216 Total Watts
  • 9 Total Amps
  • (2) Power Supplies 
  • Input: 110/220VAC,50/60Hz per Per Power Supply
  • Output: 24VDC 6.25A 150W per Per Power Supply

Shipping Case-to-Counter

  • Counter Size: 42.5"w x 21.7"d x 39.4"h
  • Internal Case Size: 39.4"w x 19.7"d x "12.6"h
  • Internal Storage Pocket: 25.2"w x 16.2"d x 11.8"h
  • Case-to-Counter fabric graphic wrap
  • Counter will hold up to 90 lbs
  • Weight Empty: 30 lbs
  • Includes black case-to-counter top

iPad Stands

  • Height: 44"
  • Base: 15.5" Square x 3/8" thick
  • iPad mount included  
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Hard Shipping Case: 41"w x 21.25"h x 7.5"d
  • Case Weight: 25 lbs

Options and Upgrades
Set-up Time
Less than one hour
Ships in 5 business days
  • Ships in two packages
  • 42.6"w x 22.1"h x 15.8"d
  • 25.2" w x 25.2" d x 5.6" h
  • 123 lbs total
  • Ships from Texas and Florida
Product Details

Who Is This Display For

If you want a modern, "everything glowing" look with quick access to your digital content, this 10x10 Backlit Trade Show Booth is perfect for you. We see a lot of brands going to booths like this for their large industry events because they make such a big impression and really stand out in the long show aisles. 

Key Benefits Of This Display


The Infinity Pro 10.04 Kit is one of our “everything glowing” kits. This 10x10 trade show exhibit is built to grab attention and stand out at your show. The single graphic 10x10 back wall creates a large illuminated image that can’t be ignored. The wall-to-wall SEG graphic has a slim profile and modern design aesthetic. From the front of the exhibit, you'll see just your backlit graphic and no frame. 

iPad Stands Included

Along with the big visual impact, this kit also includes two iPad stands so you can capture leads and show off your digital content. Everything about this trade show booth is designed to look and feel modern and providing quick access to your social media, website, app, software, etc. is a big part of that.

What Comes In The Display Kit

Back Wall

The Infinity Pro back wall is one of the best trade show displays available for portability, a modern profile, and a backlit graphic all in one. The 10.04 Kit includes a single vibrant and glowing SEG graphic panel. 

The frame for this exhibit is put together using easy to assemble aluminum extrusions with the LED lights built-in to the frame itself. This kit comes with two power supplies to power the LED lights. When the frame is assembled, the front graphic slides into a channel running along the outer edge of the frame using the SEG ends of the graphic. 

Once installed, the graphic creates a nearly wrinkle free wall-to-wall backlit panel. This graphic is printed on specialized material and uses a dye sublimated print for premium image quality. You will complete the same process on the backside of the back wall with an included second fabric panel. If you would like the back panel to also have a graphic, please talk with your sales representative about double-sided options.   

iPad Stands

Two iPad stands are included with this kit. Both stands are made with aluminum extrusions and wooden bases and come with locking mounts. 

Hard Shipping Case To Counter

A single  CA700 hard shipping case is used to store and ship the entire kit. The CA700 Hard Shipping case is equipped with recessed wheels, fabric straps, and hard plastic buckles. Aside from being a case, the CA700 also converts to the full color, tension fabric counter stand.

Recommended Add-Ons


Soft Wood Foam flooring looks great with backlit exhibits because the reflection of the panels accentuates the glow. Also, foam flooring is more comfortable for you staff and guests to stand on.

Infinity Pro Backlit 10ft Trade Show Display Kit - 10.04
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