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Product Details

The OCH2 is a heavy-duty shipping and storage case with built in wheels and handle. It has secure reinforced straps that help to assure the case will remain closed during transport.


• Outside Dimensions: 52"l x 29"w x 15"h 

• Inside Dimensions: 47.25"l x 24.13"w x 12.5"h 

• Weight Empty: 30 lbs

• Approximate Weight Packed with 2 Full Layers of Truss: 120 lbs

Options and Upgrades

Add Shipping Case-to-Counter

  • Outside: 27.5"w x 39.5"h x 16"d
  • Inside: 26"w x 35"h x 15.5"d
  • Extra padded area inside lid for lights
  • Weight Empty: 24 lbs
  • Includes black case-to-counter top 


Add Lights

  • (2) 12 Volt LED Lights (ETL)
  • 15 Watts Each
  • 8.2' Cord Length
  • Attaches to the top of the display using X-Blocks
Set-up Time
5 - 15 minutes
Ships in 1 business day

•  52"w x 29"h x 15"d •  30 lbs 

•  Ships from Illinois or Nevada

OCH2 Shipping Case


OCH2 Shipping Case
OCH2 Shipping Case
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OCFM Freight Shipper
OCFM Freight Shipper
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OCF Large Rectangular Freight Shipper
OCF Large Rectangular Freight Shipper
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