What Are The Differences Between A Pop-Up Display & Tension Fabric Display

What Are The Differences Between A Pop-Up Display & Tension Fabric Display

Are you looking for a new trade show display booth and unsure where to begin? 

While standard banner stands are a reliable staple for many brands, you should consider a new pop-up or tension fabric display for your next event. 

Both pop-up trade show displays and tension fabric displays offer fantastic opportunities to create a portable booth with large-scale, high resolution images. 

In this article, we will cover all the key differences between a pop-up display and a tension fabric display so you can choose the right style for your company. 

What are Pop-up Trade Show Displays?

Since their introduction to the market, pop-up displays have proven to be a reliable and convenient option for millions of trade show exhibitors and marketers. 

10x20 Pop Up Trade Show Display
10x20 OneFabric Pop-Up Display

These displays simply pop into place and can be quickly assembled without the use of any equipment. Pop-up displays are cost-effective and an ideal solution for marketers that do not have the time to set up a large booth or the resources to bring the entire crew.

Many pop-up displays use a large fabric graphic that covers the front and the sides of the display frame. This unique layout gives the exhibitor a large scale graphic on the front and two smaller graphics running up and down the sides of the exhibit. These smaller side graphics are a great place to put your company name for adding branding.  

To make the entire process even simpler, with most pop-up displays, you can leave the graphic on the display frame to make assembly at your next event even quicker. 

Benefits of Pop-up Displays 

Easy and quick assembly

Portable pop-up booths are distinguished by their rapid and simple assembly method. All you have to do is open and enlarge the frame and secure it into the desired position.

Visually appealing 

With so many other trade show booths competing for visitors' attention, having an appealing and eye-catching presentation is critical. Pop-up displays are an excellent approach to attracting potential customers and business partners to your booth. 


Since the graphics are backed with velcro to connect to the frame, you can quickly replace the graphics for fresh prints if needed.


Pop-up displays are a less expensive approach to making your trade show booth stand out from the crowd. Most pop-up displays only require one person for assembly, significantly lowering staff costs. 

MODdisplays offers several kinds of pop-up displays:

  • Flat Displays: Our flat displays include a single high-quality fabric graphic that attaches straight to the frame and sets up quickly.
  • Curved Booths: Our curved displays, which are one of our top sellers, are a gently curved variation of our conventional straight displays, giving them a distinctive appearance.
  • Combination Booths: Our 10x20 OneFabric kits often combine different sizes and shapes of pop-up displays to create depth. 

All of our pop-up trade show displays use dye-sublimated graphics for a crisp and durable print. Assembly and disassembly is very quick and easy so you can spend your time focusing on more important things at your event. 

What are Tension Fabric Displays? 

Tension fabric displays have become increasingly popular at trade exhibitions due to their ability to draw attention with unique graphics. 

10x20 Tension Fabric Trade Show Display
10x20 Tension Fabric Display

These displays are simply assembled by stretching high-quality tension fabric – printed with your graphics – over a durable aluminum frame. The result is a polished, modern look with a wrinkle-free back wall. Tension fabric displays are very adaptable and versatile, as well as incredibly robust, stable, and portable.

Tension fabric pop-up displays are both an eye-catching and practical choice for trade show exhibits. With a modern look, affordable price, and quick assembly times, you can’t go wrong with tension fabric displays. 

Benefits of Tension Fabric Displays 


A tension fabric display stretches the fabric over a frame and zips closed, removing nearly all wrinkles from the graphic immediately. Fold marks are difficult to remove, thus tension fabric displays can save you valuable time and energy.

Easy to transport and store

Tension fabric is simple and inexpensive to transport because it is light and foldable, taking up much less space. Many of our 10ft and 20ft displays will break down to fit in only one or two shipping cases. 

Easy to swap graphics 

These displays are particularly adaptable because new graphics are very affordable and easy to swap in and out of your display as needed. Many exhibitors take advantage of the double-sided graphic options, essentially getting two graphics at a discounted price. 

Backlit options 

If you want to attract attention and make an impact, backlit is the way to go. Choose a backlit display option like the Wavelight tension fabric displays to maximize booth space.

10x10 Backlit Tension Fabric Trade Show Display
10x10 Backlit Tension Fabric Display

MODdisplays provides a wide range of tension fabric displays that are lightweight, simple to construct, and have a distinct, professional appearance.

When choosing between a pop-up display and a tension fabric display, it all comes down to the aesthetic you want. Some people love the modern design of a superb tension fabric frame, while others prefer a conventional pop-up design.

If you’re looking for high-quality, eye-catching trade show booth displays that will attract visitors at your next trade show exhibit, MODdisplays has just what you need. Shop our pop-up displays and tension fabric displays today! 

July 5, 2023
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